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How to Create an Explainer Video? A short walkthrough on basic but fundamental elements

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

An Explainer Video informs and illustrates complex ideas with clear, concise visual content.

Some characteristics for a great explainer are:

- Under 90 secs - Friendly conversational tone - Solid content: Problem, Solution, Perks and How you do it. - A clear call to action.

When sharing content on social media we only have a few seconds to grab the audience attention. Improve your Explainer Video content by designing these 3 elements from the beginning:

1. The Script

Identify the message and build the content around it. Cover the right information so your audience can take the next step based on your call to action.

Know your target audience and explain your product or service.

Keep it short and simple, use clear statements, don´t get into details but focus on the perks. Take the main message and slice it into key points to support the flow of the video.

2. The Visuals

Find the right balance of content. Use numbers, icons, and keywords instead of long sentences. Think it as SEO. Use the power of visuals to emphasize ideas.

Make your video memorable with illustrative examples, important quotes, and persuasive content.

3. The Tone

Four elements influencing the tone of your video are:

Narrative — Keep it strong with a professional voice over. Music— Find the right mood, set the tone with music that matches the emotion of your video. Style — Illustrate your ideas with consistency. Stay true to your brand, visual design and style. No matter if its fun, serious, minimalist or quirky. Keep it coherent. Format — Find the video type that better tells your idea. Either with Motion graphics, animation, live action, mixed media, or anything in between.

When thinking about an Explainer Video, define what you need to explain. Brainstorm around it and list creative ideas to show it. Plan what´s going to happen after your audience sees the video with a killer call to action.

Having this basic elements defined will set you up for the next step which is producing the video.

Is your content ready for an explainer video? Let´s start a project together! 

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