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First, we listen to your ideas, answer any questions you may have, and ask questions as well.
From there we create a proposal that includes a creative approach, production time, and budget.


Indie Oven Discovery Call

Time to get started! At this point, we begin to prepare everything needed for the project.

• Script

We write a script that tells the story of the video in a clear and concise way.

• Moodboard
The mood board will help us visualize the overall look and feel of the video.

Sketches, Storyboard & Styleframes
These tools will help us start drafting ideas to visually represent the script.

Animation & Video Editing

How to Create an Animated Explainer Vide

With the look and feel defined, it's now time to set ideas in motion.

For animated videos, this is where motion is added to the previous designs. On video editing projects, here is where we stitch together selected clips to create the story. Some projects combine both animation and editing, so here is where the magic happens — including overall audio work, voice-over, and sound Fx.

Indie Oven Video Production Process

Revisions &

We believe communication and details are as important as good design.

Listening to your feedback is a significant part of the process, as it helps us make sure your concept is well represented.

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