Our process

We transform ideas into videos by crafting content based on objectives

Discovery Call

and Strategy

Before jumping into the project, we do a discovery call to learn about your project, goals, and expectations.


We also discuss what type of video you need: Commercial, Educational, Social Media Content, Advertising, Video Series — you name it.


Along with this, we define what services you are looking for: Full video production, Animation, Motion Graphics, and Video Editing.


We use these insights to analyze ideas based on your target audience, message, and objectives.


With this, we create a proposal with the creative approach, production time, and budget.


The next step is to craft all the elements to produce the video and plan the production process by creating a schedule for each element needed.

We create a mood board, script, and storyboard for all the videos. Other elements may vary deeding on the project type.


When shooting a video, this is the moment to do scouting, casting, technical script, camera, lighting, and sound equipment definition, among others.


If it's an animation project, this is the step where illustrations and animatics are developed.

For a video editing project, this is the perfect time to collect all the clips needed and establish the narrative structure.

In this step, audio elements are defined as well along with sound design, voice-over, music and, sound fx.


Once everything is approved, we are ready to move to the creation phase.


Now it's time to put all the pieces together. 


Time to produce the voice-over, start the animation, video shoot, or editing process.


While most of these steps can happen in parallel, in some cases, one needs to be prepared ahead to move forward with the next process.


Once the video is ready, we submit it for review and feedback, and any adjustments needed are made.

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