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What Makes a Good Social Media Video? Think About The Audience First

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

It's all about what they value

You’ve launched your brand, and now it’s time to spread the word across the media.

Done right, a video can increase the number of people who express interest in your brand.

A good way to start is understanding your market, what people value and how they can feel related to your brand.

Sharing your story instead of information alone is a genuine way to shape your video content and focus on your audience instead of your brand.

Here are three tips that will help your video connect with your audience.

1 - Find the connection

Understand the context your audience will relate to your brand.

This will guide you through the ideal way to communicate your message. Find experiences and situations that the people you´d like to reach might find their self into.

Does your audience already have an interest in what you offer? Or are they curious to know more about it?

Demographics, culture, and specific details about your audience interests and feelings will give you enough information that you´ll be able to merge with your story.

By doing this, your audience will perceive the value of what you offer and feel more inspired to take action.

2 - Customize it

Creating customized content that resonates with a specific audience can be challenging.

A good way to face this is by sharing your message across different formats and platforms adapting the content to each one and see how your audience reacts.

For example, Amazon works its products backward.

First, they do a pre-launch, sharing what the product will be about. What it does and how people can enjoy it. From there, they analyze people's reaction and feedback and start building the product.

Because they´ve learned about what their audience expects the product to be, they can customize it to fulfill these expectations. Now you can post something and get immediate feedback from viewers. Use this within your publishing strategy and think about different ways to learn from people´s opinions. Experiment with short pre-launch content before moving to longer videos and see how it goes.

So how much should you customize it? The more customization, the better.

This doesn't mean you need to forget your original goals. Identify your audience and combine the knowledge you have to build a relationship.

3 - Find your ideal format

While there is not one format to rule them all, according to Think with Google research, users who see and hear video content experience higher brand awareness than those who only see or only hear them.

To build up customer attention your content needs to be unique, useful and relevant.

When developing your content think about the different opportunities both visual language and narrative structure can bring to your video and discover unexpected ways to reach new people.

Think about how you want to share your message. Will your video be simple, complex, funny, fast-paced, with text on screen or not?

Formatting your content based on your audience will also increase the chances to reach more people.

Find out what channels your ideal audience uses the most and how they interact with that content. Determine your game plan by engaging with fans across different platforms and gaining information that will help you understand your audience behavior and interests.

In other words, online videos give you the opportunity to connect with your ideal audience by exploring different approaches via experimentation and learning.

While there’s no magic formula for earning people´s attention, certain principles including the ones above will at least help you reach the right audience.

What do you want to share with your audience?

How would you like your audience to perceive your brand?

Keep your message clear and align it with your ideal audience to create a video that can capture people’s attention and encourage them to take action.

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